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All tickets include the festival, activities, lodging and meals.

Your ticket includes six days/five nights at the festival, including meals prepared by Chef Conan (and the kitchen team) and a spot in the camping areas (for a tent). Booking a room at the castle is an additional cost.

We organize three healthy and nutritious meals a day for you. We also offer organic and vegetarian meals. Our chef buys all organic food from local farmers.

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style. On Tuesday, the arrival day, we begin with dinner. On Sunday, the departure day, we conclude our gathering with a ceremony and lunch. On all the days in between, we serve three meals.

You can also buy healthy snacks and drinks from our own bar open during the festival. We accept both cash and debit card payments.

Beverages: try our signature Chocolate Elixir! Order freshly squeezed vegetable/fruit juices. Or enjoy a barista coffee.

Snacks: Don’t miss Yvette’s famous raw pies!

We offer organic and authentic products in our marketplace during the festival. In addition, you can enjoy our massage area. Massages are paid in cash only.

You can set up your tent/caravan on our pitch from 2:30 p.m. on the arrival day. The campground closes at 4 p.m. on departure day.

  • Check-in time at the castle is at 2 p.m. Check-out at the castle is at 10 a.m. on Sunday.

DO I HAVE ANY SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS? DO YOU OFFER SPECIAL MEALS? We will do our best to meet your needs and offer healthy and nutritious meals.

Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs via email: connect@chocolateclub.world

Your ticket includes a spot in the campground, but you can also book (extra) a room in the castle.


*Tent: Bring your own tent and find a beautiful, quiet spot in nature.

*Caravan: Bring your cozy home on wheels (electricity included).

*Camper: We have a special area for campers, for those with rolling villas.

One of the great advantages of our location is that we can also offer rooms in an on-site building. Your ticket does not include a room; you must book your stay separately at an additional cost. Here are your options:

€290 Private Room (Castle)

€135 Bed in Shared Room (Castle)

€330 Private Room (Farmhouse)

€155 Bed in Shared Room (Farmhouse)

€105 Shared Room (Crew)

€25 Motorhome or Caravan

Rooms in the castle: comfortable beds, private showers and linens included.

Please contact us via email(connect@chocolateclub.world) if you prefer to reserve a room with your partner or friend(s).

Shared rooms for 4 people and 6 people are male-only and female-only, respectively.

No, children are not allowed at the festival. Instead, we tailor the program to adults and their precious me-time.

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly alternative, check out our The Great Fine Festival at the end of summer: www.hetgrotefijne.nl. DuringHet Grote Fijne Festival, we offer a great program for children and various forms of entertainment.

Please observe that at all of our events there is no intoxication!

At Chocolate Club events, we promote a healthy lifestyle. We focus on our well-being and explore divinity in sound, well-being, movement ceremonies and festive activities. Our invitation is that we are enough and are already all that we should be.

  • We encourage you to experience our events with as little technology as possible. Therefore, please leave laptops and phones in your tent/room.

  • No smoking is allowed inside. However, if you find a place outside to smoke, make sure it does not inconvenience others.

  • We do not serve/sell alcoholic beverages and do not encourage you to consume them.

The Ecstatic Dance floor is a safe and sacred space, and we ask everyone to respect this value and principle. Therefore, some basic rules are respected in the global Ecstatic Dance community. These rules will also be followed at the festival.

  • Respect yourself and others

  • Not talking while dancing

  • No shoes allowed. Everyone dances barefoot.

  • No cell phones, photography or film (except for our media team).

  • No alcohol, drugs or strong-smelling perfumes.

We ask that you leave cell phones in your room/tent/camper. You may contact family members privately, but we urge you not to make your cell phone part of the festival experience.

Creating sacred space is a collaborative effort!

Together, we bring our attention to the present moment as much as possible. Putting away your cell phone during the festival is an accessible contribution. We thank you.

You can resell your ticket to someone else if you can’t come to the festival. In that case, please let us know via email with the name of the new person who will attend the event(connect@chocolateclub.world).

We do not refund or exchange tickets.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you have a very specific/unique situation regarding cancellation.(connect@chocolateclub.world)

No. Your ticket includes all workshops and activities.

Yes, you are free to go wherever you want. There is no access control. We recommend participating in group ceremonies because they provide a powerful experience.

If for any reason you decide to seek accommodation outside the festival site or prefer to arrive/depart at a more convenient time, please note that we cannot provide a discount/refund on your ticket.

All workshops and activities take place indoors.

Most rooms have plenty of open doors to keep the atmosphere as pleasant as possible.

We have a dedicated loading and unloading area at the campground and main building to ensure a comfortable arrival. After you unload your belongings, you can park in a designated parking spot. If you arrive on time, there is a small parking lot next to the main building. Otherwise, we offer plenty of parking just a five-minute walk from the location. You can follow directions from our on-site team or follow the signs.

Our festival site has two camping areas right next to the main building.

One is the wooded area hidden under lush greenery, and the other is an open field next to an idyllic lake.

Upon arrival, you can choose where to stay: first come, first served.

You can choose your camping spot upon arrival: first come, first served!

You can also reserve an RV spot, but keep in mind that there are limited electrical outlets available.

Indoor rooms are assigned based on location.

If you have special requirements or wishes regarding your overnight location, please contact us via e-mail.(connect@chocolateclub.world)

All of our events are free of intoxication!

At Chocolate Club events, we promote a healthy lifestyle. We focus on our well-being and explore divinity in sound, wellness, movement ceremonies and festive activities. Our invitation is that we are enough and are already all that we should be.

  • We encourage you to experience our events with technology as little as possible. So please leave laptops and phones in your tent/room.

  • A free WIFI connection is available, but it is not equally strong everywhere.

Staying in touch with your loved ones is fine, but we encourage you to use this time to enjoy serendipitous time for yourself in an open and loving community.

You can only buy an early-bird ticket if it is available in the webshop!

Tickets sell out quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

If we have to cancel an event, you will receive a 100% refund.

If a 95% refund better suits your situation, your 5% donation will be used to support the cost of the event.

We are thrilled to host this festival at Castle de Berckt. The garden, facilities and cooperation with the owners make this the ideal location.

Castle De Berckt, De Berckt 1, 5991 PD, Baarlo, The Netherlands

– By plane: Eindhoven Airport is the nearest airport. From there you can continue traveling by train.

– By train: take the train to NS Station Venlo and from there take the bus (14 minutes) to Baarlo, De Berckt. From the bus station, it is a 7-minute walk.

– Carpool options: the Facebook event is the perfect place to offer/find a ride!

Let’s support each other and the planet by carpooling.

A chalkboard at the festival will offer rides for your return trip home.

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