A deep encounter with yourself

Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland - Kasteel de Berckt, Baarlo

The Ecstatic Dance Festival of the Netherlands. A complete week filled with live music, matching workshops and, of course, lots of Ecstatic Dance!

Expect highly regarded DJs and musicians and visitors from home and abroad. Whether you are a seasoned Ecstatic dancer or you are coming for the first time, you are welcome!

Includes delicious organic meals, a variety of lodging options and a healing & wellness area for your extra relaxation.

Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland

Everything for your inner journey

  • Ecstatic Dance: at least once or twice a day with talented DJs from home and abroad.

  • Deepening workshops: discover new forms of movement, meditation and self-development.

  • Yoga and meditation: daily yoga and meditation sessions for greater balance and inner peace.

  • Live music and concerts: music from the heart and soul with (inter)national musicians.

  • Wellness and healing area: with saunas, Jacuzzis and options for massages or healing sessions

  • Culinary delight: enjoy organic, vegetarian meals prepared by our chef and his team.

Watch the aftermovie of 2023 here

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This is the Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland

Connection. Community. Resonance. Going deep with each other. Higher frequencies, Synergy, Alchemy, Divinity. The Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland is the place to express your authentic self, be able to feel your deeper and higher truths and connect with like-minded people.

Taste the atmosphere

Ecstatic Dance for Body, Mind & Spirit

Dancing is not only good for your physical body, it also has numerous benefits for your mental health. It reduces stress, boosts your confidence, increases your frequency and general sense of well-being.


Experience a deep connection with yourself by being allowed to be completely your authentic self. And that together with a group of dancers, creates strong connection and sense of belonging. Nothing is more unifying than meeting each other in an authentic dance!

Spiritual growth

Ecstatic Dance offers a space where you can grow, come to self-insight and develop yourself spiritually. It is a place to explore deeper layers within yourself, come into higher consciousness and experience oneness with yourself and others.


Our festival is all about expressing yourself through dance and movement. This offers a powerful way to express your emotions, creativity and personality. There is also plenty of room for vocal expression, during our concerts, ceremonies and voice workshops.


What do others say?

Iris Vervoort
January 18, 2024 at 15:55
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First time at this amazingly beautiful festival. Even though I was here as a volunteer, I was able to take in a lot of the festival and meet beautiful fine people. It does me good to be able to receive and give so much love. An incredibly good start to the year!
Laura Stroo
January 12, 2024 at 10:17
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It was magical again! Truly food for the soul! Wonderful concerts, fantastic dancing and the bearing environment, lovely people. Soooo able to sink and feel. Head in the clouds, feet dancing on the ground!
Jochem R.
January 09, 2024 at 17:11
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Intense! Experienced so many (positive) emotions that left the "I" all-alone. In short, the "I" merged with everyone and everything. This allows you to see clearly when another could use your kindness, a wise word or loving gesture. Others then also act even more positively toward you. So that does make every-one happier. What a joy to come together like this and be together Wonderful people, impressive location and powerful co-creation!
Eva Nater
January 08, 2024 at 14:34
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What a great festival! Almost fomo because you want to be at all the activities! There were the most beautiful concerts, sound healings and awesome dancing with top DJs 🤩Bless food and last but not least incredibly fine warm loving people which made such a connection and love is❤️🙏
Jodi Leunissen
July 24, 2023 at 14:19
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You don't have to travel to the other side of the world. You just come to the Ecstatic Dance Festival for a magical journey within yourself. I found it delightful and special again! Once again met beautiful people. I feel grateful and am already looking forward to next time.
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What I value and appreciate is to feel how much the public is tuned into a fully receptive way of listening: they are not consuming the music, but rather they invite it into themselves as a meaningful and sacred experience that creates a beautiful field of love and connection around the performance which feels special.
Jasper Buninga
Jasper Buninga
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The whole festival is the exact opposite of war....
Janneke Meijers
Janneke Meijers
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A place where I found my chosen family. Where I am invited to live my potential and express the ruff edges of my soul. All of me is welcome here!
Céline Kersten
Céline Kersten
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I enjoyed the place, the people, the creators, the connections, the food, the music and the vibe. The Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland team arranges all these aspects into one beautiful event. This festival holds everything that I need to charge my battery, and every time it ends, I´m already looking forward to the next edition! It feels like coming home on a soul level.

Will you join us?

The best festival, of course, we make together. You are welcome, too!

Will you join our team during set-up and take-down or during the festival? Will you give an unmissable workshop, crazy act or performance to match the festival?

If so, please let us know! And maybe you’ll be at the next Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland.

Your questions answered

If we have to cancel an event, you will receive a 100% refund.

If a 95% refund better suits your situation, your 5% donation will be used to support the cost of the event.

You can only buy an early-bird ticket if it is available in the webshop!

Tickets sell out quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

You can resell your ticket to someone else if you can’t come to the festival. In that case, please let us know via email with the name of the new person who will attend the event(connect@chocolateclub.world).

We do not refund or exchange tickets.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you have a very specific/unique situation regarding cancellation.(connect@chocolateclub.world)

All tickets include the festival, activities, lodging and meals.

Your ticket includes six days/five nights at the festival, including meals prepared by Chef Conan (and the kitchen team) and a spot in the camping areas (for a tent). Booking a room at the castle is an additional cost.

We organize three healthy and nutritious meals a day for you. We also offer organic and vegetarian meals. Our chef buys all organic food from local farmers.

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style. On Tuesday, the arrival day, we begin with dinner. On Sunday, the departure day, we conclude our gathering with a ceremony and lunch. On all the days in between, we serve three meals.

You can also buy healthy snacks and drinks from our own bar open during the festival. We accept both cash and debit card payments.

Beverages: try our signature Chocolate Elixir! Order freshly squeezed vegetable/fruit juices. Or enjoy a barista coffee.

Snacks: Don’t miss Yvette’s famous raw pies!

We offer organic and authentic products in our marketplace during the festival. In addition, you can enjoy our massage area. Massages are paid in cash only.

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