Merel van den Berg

Het Grote Fijne Festival

Merel van den Berg is a Dutch singer-songwriter who has been singing since she was four years old. After an adolescent break due to depression, she started singing again in 2016. She lived in Indonesia and came in contact with Indonesian musicians every day. In 2018 her first EP ‘Kind of Magic’ was released with her duo band ‘Malve Merel Main Musik.’ After the death of Malve, her best music buddy, she continues alone. Her first single ‘Take me There’ was released in 2021. Which was a calling to be able to go back to Indonesia again. Once she came back to Indonesia, she decided to make a collaborative album with friends that Malve played music with to make a tribute to honour his life. The album is called: Mata Hati, which means, the eye of the heart in Indonesian language and came out in June 2022. At this moment she is writing new songs and rewriting old ones to empower people (and herself) to look deep inside, feel their heart and touch their life’s purpose. For Merel it was a journey to come back to singing again. With many ups and downs, mental breakdowns and strength from something deep inside her to continue, she found back her voice that she once lost. So if you feel like you could have some encouragement to do what you should do in life, come hear her songs!

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