The O’Berlie

Het Grote Fijne Festival

Netherlands based DJ The O’Berlie is well known for his eclectic mix of music that really touches the heart. His knowledge of an extremely wide range of eccentric styles and his big love for underground tracks, will make sure that no dance journey he will take you on, will ever be the same. Within a 2 hour set Theo mixes funk with folky tunes, global beats with avantgarde, ambient with experimental jazz and beautiful classical music for moments of stillness. As a facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Nijmegen, a dance therapist and a dancer himself, his quirky sets will always reflect the way he feels and therefore contain deep layers. Layers that will not only connect the dancers within, but also with the DJ; dancing around the floor, to his own tunes to connect with the crowd. This unique blend of style and character makes Berlie the ‘Gumbo’ of the Ecstatic Dance scene: You never know what he is going to put into it, but it will sure taste delicious’.

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